Ahmed_reader Zombie System
Jake was walking across the street when he saw a 100 dollar bill. He bent over to get it but he notices that something really bright like a headlight behind him, but then the 100 dollar bill almost flew away. 'you are not getting away from me.' He bent over to get it, but then something hard rammed him from behind and he died. ... In a dark place, Jake woke up. [System preparing for download]...
Bhani_Khamnam It was Love, Nothing else
Anya's life was just like a normal teenage girl, small but yet happy family of three. She never knew what happen to her father. Everything was going smoothly until she meets Tristen accidentally, Bad boy, the school hunk, his father was the School Principle. Anya's world started to change drastically... will Anya gets hold of her own life...find out as the story unfolds..
MrAsura The New Era Project
Feng Ye, a freshman one step away from finishing his first year of university, had the unfortunate experience of encountering a distortion in space, thus, sending him into the void. Luckily, fate didn’t completely turn its back on him as a cold systematic voice resounds in his mind just as he faints. “Congratulations to the host. System Binding Successful! Instability of space detected- transporting...

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