XXXbloodyrists666X My Immortal
A Harry Potter Fanfic made with Love. This is a story of a Young Vampire Girl who finds herself in the world of Harry Potter.
primos123 reborn as goten
this is a fan-fic he was a teenager who was a great fighter, and a good student who has hopes to become successful in the future but due to certain god's mistake instead of his brother who was a fan die hard fan of dragon ball, he was sent in his place so look how he survive and grow in a place he known and also unknown.
Profound1 World's Strongest
Naruto is beaten black and blue by a mob as a child and he awakens a mysterious entity that acts as his emotional support during his difficult childhood. As he slowly gets stronger, he finds out about his heritage and vows to right all the wrongs done to him. Accompany Naruto in his journey as becomes the strongest being in the world. Note: I do not own Naruto nor any of the other...
OrphanAzul In The Raven's Eyes
A motley crew of monster hunts bound together by a mysterious fate, and at the head of them a boy by the name of Noxtil Raven-heart. A boy strung along by a strange string weaved by the Goddess of fate and death, The Raven Queen. After a mysterious murder at a church prompts the team to investigate Noxtil and his friends are thrust into a misty sea of murder and intrigue. These new friendships are...