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"You see, I may not know what technique you are using to do those freakish moves, but I am not an idiot, I noticed that it had something to do with your breathing rhythm so I theorized that in an environment devoid of air, you are useless. Am I right?" I said smirking sardonically.


"Ah, that's right you can't talk," I said as he was suffocating. Now that I had the time to catch my breath I could observe how Chloe and Mr. Razach were doing.

In the middle of bloody and torn body parts stood Chloe, she had slaughtered at least twenty enemies and was fighting five more by herself. Her clothes were pristine untainted by the gore of the carnage. From what I could see, among the five she was up against, there was a mage, two Lycans, a vampire, and a shifter. The mage was keeping his distance while sending numerous deadly spells her way. The Lycans were in full beast mode and were savagely biting and clawing at her. The vampire was using his maddening speed trying to find an opportunity to strike. The shifter was in bear form and was frontally confronting her with his powerful body.

I felt like she was handling the situation and didn't need my assistance, as expected of the most freakishly powerful pureblood to be born. Mr. Razach wasn't doing so bad himself, with his powerful hammer he was crushing the enemies ruthlessly. His agility as he moved between his opponents while avoiding their attacks made a sharp contrast with the brutal way he was killing them. His hammer acted like a divine weapon smithing them into blood paste.

By now the numbers of assailants had gone down a lot thanks to the combined efforts of Chloe and Mister Razach. My opponent was kneeling in front of me trying to regain the breath I stole from him. He tried to get up and I kicked hard on his face sending him flying like a rag doll. Landing violently, he stayed down for a couple of seconds then tried to get up, his face full of blood. Since the start of our fight, he stayed pristine and elegant without any dirt or blood blemishing him. Now seeing him this disorderly state made a big part of me unbelievably content.

"You know? you're the most difficult enemy I've had to fight since all this started and it's not because you were powerful. All of it was due to those combat skills of yours, now that I got you, tell me where did you learn all this and why are you attacking us?" I pressed him back with my will and crouched in front of his struggling form.

He didn't answer and I thought he was playing hard to get, then I realized he couldn't because of the lack of oxygen; he was also close to passing out.

"Oops, my bad. Here, let me help you."

I snapped my fingers allowing him to breathe again, he started coughing badly. I patiently waited until he got it under control. Then he tried to attack me, moving like a blur he directed a palm toward my chest. I sighed inwardly and moved slightly backward avoiding his palm. My eyes turned cold, with a

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