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"It was a cold morning, the day it all began, I was an outcast in my family because I couldn't follow our traditional roots in magic. Against everyone's opinions I instead joined a training program for young knights but that is cutting ahead of our story a little bit, Where was I? Oh right the day of my coming of age ceremony, were it all began"

A cold wind blew through the window waking Max up, once awake he slowly dragged himself out of bed and prepared for the worst day of his life, his coming of age ceremony. He had already decided that he would train to become a knight under the tutelage of the Knight's order, this would be the first time that anyone from his family line would not be a mage but a knight instead. He hadn't told his family yet and was waiting for his coming of age ceremony to announce his desire to leave the family and relinquish his claim of the position of the head of the family.

The would be knight is 6ft tall with a lean and muscular body. His most attractive features were his long, snow white hair that contrasted with his tanned soft skin, His dark blue eyes were often described as a deep void for any unlucky woman who was trapped within them, despite only being 15, Max had been with his fair share of women. This was due to his family neglecting him due to his lack of magic skill, he decided he would find love else where, this lead him to become quite the heart breaker in the family's capital city.

During the ceremony Max would be assessed for a final time to see if he had developed skills in magic, he knew that this was fruitless and a waste of time. Every time he had been assessed up to this point it was said that he could channel negative mana but that none before him was able to do this, so he had no teachers. Due to his lack of magical talent and personality he was outcast to a castle on the border between the Waterra Kingdom and the Loria Empire, it is rumoured that his Fiancee is the 7th princess from the Waterra Kingdom however this was never confirmed to Max by his father and if it were true then they would get legally married at the coming of age ceremony tomorrow, much to the hatred of Max..

As Max got prepared for the ceremony, his brothers began their plot to get him removed from the line of succession and thrown to the wolves. The reason for their hatred? Max was the Patriarch's bastard and they saw him even having a claim to the throne as a disgrace to their family name. As the clocks struck eight, Max collapsed due to a large amount of pain burning through his head and travelling down his body, he instantly went into shock. His heart and brain began to fail at a rapid pace,he did however regain consciousness when his brain and heart returned back to normal. Feeling that his death was fast approaching, Max just smiled and said" At least can now join my mother and get out of this hell hole of an empire."

As he was preparing to accept his death a cold voice rang out in his head "The Host has synchronised with the Hedonist system too late, due to this the system will now remodel the host's body so it can accept the system to its fullest potential.The host should prepare for an extremely large amount of pain to attack you as soon as the process begins."

Shocked Max shouted" What the fuck is the hedonist system? What do you mean by changing my body so that it works with the system? Hello? Anyon-". Before Max could finish his sentence he felt as if he was falling, all around was filled with nothing but pure darkness. The pain filled his head again and he passed out in agony, his body slowly floated through the darkness and passed through it until it passed through a crimson light at the end of the darkness.

Max awoke to the voice speaking in his mind once more"The host's body has been successfully changed to work with the system, please prepare for you first quest, it will appear shortly"

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